Thursday, August 28, 2008

3 Magpies Jewelry

I am so excited!! I have been working really hard this week designing and creating jewelry. I am really excited to be setting up at the KWW Art Show this weekend in Grand Rivers. I have been designing for just over a year now, and I still find so much fun in playing with rocks! To feel such pleasure and delight making beautiful works of art is not at all over-rated. I have finally gotten caught up on my special orders, repairs, and promised pieces. It is really nice to create whatever the mood decides to create. I have about 100 pairs of earrings, fifty bracelets, and thirty-five to forty necklaces/pendants. If I were a better photographer, I'd insert lots of pictures here. Please come by my table beside Lake Realty and look at my jewelry. I am interested in finding out what you think! Have a great Labor Day!


Girl Rants said...

i already got the best ones. lol

Girl Rants said...


i can shoot your kids and your handmade treasures!