Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is this a par three?

This afternoon was spent on the golf course with around 30 middle and high school kids competing in a match. Today was the most perfect day for golf-- slightly breezy and overcast with low humidity. The players were enthusiastic and polite. All in all, it was a great afternoon. On my drive home from the course, I thought about how life is like golf. Some situations are par three and relatively easy. Other events are par five with a dog-leg to the left, three sand bunkers, and a water hazard. The beautiful thing about golf is the scorecard relays to the player the outline of the hole set-up, pin placement, yardage, and par. Life offers no such blueprint and even it it did, we have no guarentee of shooting par.


Becky said...

Nice analogy and I couldn't help but think that the one thing that helps us to try to get to that par is practicing our swing :)

3 Magpies said...

So right, Becky. It is all practice!