Saturday, October 25, 2008

Delta Dawn, Variety Style

I volunteer ushered at the Badgett Playhouse ( last night. I simply had a super wonderful extremely fantastical time. Last night's show was Variety, Music, Memories & More. Just as the show's name describes, many different music styles were performed. My favorite was the fast paced, high energy glitterized Motown segment closely followed by the sparkly Disco montage, however, the well rehearsed stage performers paled in comparison to what I was hearing from the back row.
No, no it's not what you think. Yes, the theatre was dimly lit and yes, I did mention the back row but, from the back row I was gleefully serenaded by the children of one of the band member's. The two little boys, ages 5 and 7, knew practically every word to practically every song! My favorite miniature masterpiece was the older of the two brothers singing right along, word for word, with the very beautiful & extremely talented Sara Minihan as she belted out Tanya Tucker's "Delta Dawn". Simply priceless!

Children are beautiful and life is good!


Girl Rants said...

your amazing gift to spin things amazingly positive far surpasses even mine.

you rock, like whoa.

Michael Manning said...

3 Magpies: I am genuinely appreciative of your comments on my site regarding Gunner Gillespie. We will miss him! God Bless!!

3 Magpies said...

Girl: Nah, it's just life, as I see it. No spin cycle needed. YOU on the other had, see things through a lens that most of us can only wish for. You are amazing with that camera!

Michael: Love the kid and his family. Love the life lesson as it unfolds.

Just telling it like it is said...

Sounds like fun..Motown reminds me of a song my mother used to listen to during her Dianna Ross years...Band of gold..(not by Dianna) but such a beautiful song..glad you had fun!!!

Walker said...

Sounds like a fun night and i know what you mean about the boys singing.
My 4 year neice sing everysong she hers on the radio and tv.
Doesn't understand wha she is singing but she sings the words so well

3 Magpies said...

Jtilii: You would love the segment. It would totally take you back in time! I'll be over to see you soon!

Walker: I love, love, love listening to little kid voices singing! I did have a good time. I'll bet you would have had a good time, too! Thanks for stopping in a leaving a comment.