Monday, October 20, 2008

Gunner Gillespie, Grand Rivers, & Variety

We live in a really small town. The population is around 350. This place is crazy busy in the summer, bursting at the seams with as many sightseeking tourists as can possible fit. As I drove through town today, I noticed what the buzz is about here. This is where we live. We are so, so blessed by the beauty and recreation surrounding us daily. Just look at this view!

Not only is the landscape beautiful & blog worthy, so are the people. Bill & Sara Minihan are the operators of the Badgett Playhouse. They have not only donated use of the theatre for Gunner's Favorite Movie Night, Bill & Sara are also donating all of the proceeds from the concessions sold during the feature. HOW GENEROUS!
Please show your support and appreciation to the Minihans by attending a paid performance at the Badgett Playhouse. The shows are outstanding and well worth the ticket price.

Grand Rivers is beautiful and God is good!


Girl Rants said...

there were 350 kids in my graduating class i believe.
awesome view.
there is definately something to be said about small town mentality and small town love.

Walker said...

Its nice to live in a place filled with beauty and a community that steps in to help