Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jenzie the Kitty

Jenzie the kitty has moved to the city! He is going from living (mostly) outside to being an inside kitty. Statistically, inside kitties live an average of 8.5 years as opposed to outdoor kitties with a life expectancy of less than three years. So this move is good for Jenzie. Bella will be able to visit regularly. Jenzie has already made it through the night at his new home without incident. Good luck Jenzie! We will see you soon.


Girl Rants said...

good luck indeed. your a great mama, even to kitties. tell bella she is a great MAMA too, to the kitty.
what an awesome, smile inspiring picture this morning.
lemme guess...

cannon slr, with 20 expensive extension lenses. lol

much love!
g's d

Just telling it like it is said...

Awe what cuties..
Both the little girl and the kitty..
WOW you got to love her smile;)

Girl Rants said...


3 Magpies said...

Girl: Being a mom is my most important job. Somedays I do better than others. Bella is always a good kitty mama. How did you guess what kind of camera & lens. Can you imagine photographing that smile with anything less?????

jtilii: They are cute, aren't they? Gotta luv'em.

Girl: I stalk you, too. I just have a better disguise...

Jamie Dawn said...

What a cute picture!
I'm sure Jenzie is going to LOVE being an indoor kitty.
I hope Bella gets to visit him often.