Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ABC's and 3 Magpies

Amazing Sully Heads Home
Wednesday brings Sully back home to Atlanta from Baltimore. He has made a remarkable recovery from his brain surgery. You remember, on October 14, 2008 Dr. Ben Carson took a section of each of the four quadrants of Sully's brain to STOP the seizures. SUCCESS!!!! Please keep Sully and his family in your prayers for continued recovery and progress.

Beautiful Bella
She can see clearly now! Bella was born with myopia nine years ago. She has had at least annual eye exams to check on the growth and development of her optic nerves. This last year she grew an incredible amount and her vision changed, as is common with such a growth spurt. Bella chose cutecutecute Java Blue Vera Bradley frames. Just when one thought she could not get any cuter... she goes and gets glasses. She is a doll!

Cart Contentment
Well, we finally did it. After much internal debate, we bit the bullet and went to Super WalMart to grocery shop. $218.00 later... I no longer feel like Old Mother Hubbard with a bare cupboard! Our fridge is full and so are our tummies. We have the ingredients to fix up big ole' batches of chicken enchiladas, chili, spaghetti and meat sauce, and a few other faves. Hooray!!! Well until the next time the pantry is empty.

3 Magpies
Saturday's Holiday Shopper's Mart was fun! My new designs sold as well as the more traditional pieces and I was quite happy with that response! I lovelovelove designing jewelry and playing with silver and gemstones. I can't think of anything much more FUN & relaxing to do in my free time!


Girl Rants said...

you rock.

Girl Rants said...

smemail smegway glasses pic please.

3 Magpies said...

Glasses pics stuck in fancy camera...): !She looks cutecutecute!!! No doubt about it!

Girl Rants said...


3 Magpies said...

Girlie: My pics are still trapped inside the camera... No word on their release date...:(