Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another Beautiful Day

*70's in November!
The weather was beautiful today! Did you take advantage of such a great day to enjoy outside? WE DID! CeCe ran to the jetty. Bella played with JoJo. We all went to the park. This beautiful Village Between the Lakes offers its' residents so many forms of recreation we take for granted. This caused some confusion for the Magpies today. I asked Bella if she wanted to go with me to vote. She excitedly agreed. I was putting the finishing touches on my wardrobe when Bella asked me if she needed to change into her bathing suit. Quite puzzled, I asked her to repeat her question. It was then I realized the phonemic articulation miscue...

*A Great Day to be an American!
Did you vote? We did. I was so enthused to get to include Bella in my right to vote. Our polling place officials allowed me to keep Bella by my side in the voting booth. We examined the ballot while waiting in line, so when it was our turn we were ready to vote. The electronic voting machine was quick and easy to use. Bella understood the basic principles and assisted in selecting the candidate of "my" choice. Lucky for me, we agree on politics! The best part of election day...The End of Campaigning!

The Weather is Beautiful and Life is Good!


Walker said...

It was quite the night and I watched it all.
I hope the results unifies the skin colors of the citezens of the United States once and for all to its red white and blue

Girl Rants said...

i wish i had voted in MY bathing suit.

um...nevermind. it was 50 in NY yesterday.

either way you roll, each canidate brought with them a "glass ceiling buster". it makes me proud that our country no longer bugs out over such things as a chick, or a man who looks different than all the other past presidents. it gives me hope for the "differents".

bella & cece rock.

Girl Rants said...

bubo ate my chad.



3 Magpies said...

Walker: Whew! It is over. We watched it, too, and are glad the signs are being removed and that life is moving forward. Time will tell as to how this evolves, BUT I am glad we are entertaining the Canadians!

Girl: We had a fantabulous day and the elections went well locally. I hope Bubo enjoyed his chad as much as we enjoyed the voting experience! It was almost as fun as boating!

Anonymous said...

secret pssssssssssst

is smegway an adjective?

umm i think another blogs magical word thingy CURSED at me.

and it was a VERB

i dare not type it. the above gave it context. HAHAHAHA