Thursday, January 22, 2009

...I have been changed for GOOD!

I saw the incredible "WICKED" last night at Whitney Hall in Louisville and it was quite amazing. So witty, creative, and imaginative. The "Wicked" Witch, Elphaba, was portrayed by the very beautiful and talented Donna Vivino. She was perfect. Her voice is strong and appealing. Her credits include the young Cosette in the original Les Miserables. She was simply, perfectly, WICKED in WICKED!

Her performance has made me doubt my all time favorite Muppet. She makes being green look easy.

Everything about the show was just right. The mood of the audience was lighthearted and festive. All were easy to laugh and really enjoyed the show. The cast spot on in each act. They never missed a beat and were full of energy and spunk. Each wardrobe change topped the last. And THE music. What to say about the music? It was remarkably poignant at times and sensibly silly at others. The orchestra? Flawless.

And those flyin' monkeys... well... I didn't cry like a baby each time they appeared, but I did scrunch down in my seat and shield my eyes... twice, only twice.

I give WICKED a perfect score!

WICKED is Sparkly Fun for Friends and Family and Life is Good!


Chef E said...

I have read the book, and have it, you want me to mail it to you?

:) :) :) :0) :) I give it five smiles...

Girl Rants said...

Wicked COOL!


Anonymous said...

Sounds cool! :)

3 Magpies said...

Chef E: Wonderfully sweet offer, but I bought it off Amazon for little to nothing. My little one loveslivesloves the story! She can relate to the emerald Elphaba in her love for animals and going against what is popular to do the right thing!

Girl: <3ed it!

Punky: You must see it with Akia in about eight or nine years. She'd be scared, now, I think. It was awesome!

Girl Rants said...

how many more sleeps?

Walker said...

Sounds like you had a great time.
I have never heard of it but sound like something worth seeing.

Anonymous said...

I loved the book. It was so great, hopefully I get to see the play!!
Anyways I have ben tagged and I am now tagging you. Check out the tagged post on my blog to see what it's all about.

Tammi said...

What a wicked post! ;-}
That sounds like something I would love to go see! But NOTHING cool like that comes to Tyler Texas.You have to drive to Dallas or Houston to catch those sort of things.

Tammi said...

poppin in to check on an update...hope all is well...take care.

3 Magpies said...

Hi All!

All is good. We have been without power, water, heat since Monday night's ice storm. It has been different, but all is well. I have been told not to expect any electricity for weeks. Yes, that is week"S" with an "S". I think YIKES, but we are making it!

Thanks for checking on us!