Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sexy Mama Award

I am just as surprised as you must be, but my blog buddy, Chef E, has given me the above award. I'm soooo proud! She must have noticed my two beautiful girls and decided that "They got it from their Mama". I've been telling them that for years! Thanks so much Chef E! I really appreciate this special recognition and lovelovelove the award! You're a doll!


Chef E said...

Raising kids, and all that goes with deserved it...oh and we know our kids get their looks from the female side *big smile*...

Girl Rants said...


you SHOULD BE SO PROUD you sexy mama you!!


its too soon to count sleeps, but soon ill be counting sleeps.


3 Magpies said...

Chef E: Thanks for the awards for dummies comment... it worked! lol

Yes, I noticed that sweet little boy of yours and all of his devilish good looks, charisma, and spicy personality. I think he got more than your looks, he got personality to boot! Lucky kid!

Hey Girlie: I have been looking for OW tics from NYC to me. What fun it is to plan!

chathu said...

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Just telling it like it is said...

Congratulation you definitely deserve it;)

Girl Rants said...


Walker said...

It takes alot of work to be a momma and still come out looking sexy smelling like ummm.....Gain

3 Magpies said...

Thanks for the comments! I am afraid I am getting the big head over this award, so stop with all the fuss! JK! I think all parents need some recognition, so right back atcha! ***wink***

and Walker... I am certain some things smell much less sexy than Gain. I especially like the green bottle gain for all my laundry needs! Spring Fresh! Bring it on!

Tammi said...

I could have sworn you were on my faves list a while back....I'm wondering how your link got lost.Hmm...odd.
What a cool award.
I've been called "Ms.Hygenic",before,so does that qualify me for that award too?LOL