Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yay! Fun!

I am featured on another blogger's blog!

Devin makes cutecutecute cards and sells them here:

I bought one to give for Valentine's Day and turns out I was her 50th customer. She wanted to celebrate the 50th sale, so she created an article for her blog about said customer.


I wonder why CNN isn't all over this???!!!

Oh yeah, I know what's keeping 'em busy... Miracle plane landings and new world leaders...

Miracles are beautiful and Life is good!


Girl Rants said...

im so excited im a friend of someone famous.
you rock!

re miricle on the hudson. THAT WAS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

your awesome.
oh yeah!

Chef E said...

Break out the cake and koolaid...

I never win stuff, so things like this are a nice surprise aren't they!

Can we have autographs before you get too heady :)

Anonymous said...

Can't speak for the cake, but the Diet Dew was great! Happy B'day for my sweet daughter with the coolest kids - ever!!

3 Magpies said...

Girl: Well, I'm not THAT famous... yet! LOL!!! And, yes, it was a miracle of epic proportion. Capt. Sully is a hero, do doubt, but I'm thinking he had a little help from THE Big Guy!

Chef E: I did have cake. It was chocolate with raspberry schnapps and oh so yummy. We did not indulge in kool aid, however, some folks were driving and did not need the sugar! Yes, I like pleasant surprises!

Anon: Thanks for lunch! We enjoyed all those fortune cookies and we can all use some good fortune! Loved the goodie basket, too! Still trying to explain to my little one that "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" is figurative. That dang Pat Benatar.

Girl Rants said...

smegway stalk.