Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Home Town

I have bragged about Grand Rivers before, but it is officially a great place. Well, at least according to Southern Living Magazine. I lovelovelove it here and so do many Southern Living Readers. I think ranking 8 out of who knows how many towns is awesome. Especially since this little town only has 352 residents. This is a great place to vacation and a wonderful place to reside!


Chef E said...

What a beautiful photo. I heard our friend Girl Rant is coming to see you! Take good care of her, like I know you will!

Your state is the one of three states I have not been too! But, one day soon...

Girl Rants said...

my graduating class in HS had 300 kids.

3 Magpies said...

Chef E: We had a great event and a wonderful trip! Plan your visit to KY. We will show you a good time!

Girl: Grand Rivers is a small town, but we have a big heart and lots to do here!