Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sparkle and Fade

My little one talking about the 4th of July:

Bella: You know those things momma?
Me: What things Bella?
Bella: Those shiny things that are really pretty and you say BE CAREFUL when you give me them to hold. I usta just think they were pretty and fun til one of the shiny things fell on my foot. It burned my foot.
Me: Oh, I say, SPARKLERS.
Bella: Yeah, sparklers. Thanks for telling me be careful momma.
Me: You're welcome, Bella.

I got a BBBBBBIIIIGGGG hug and I give you a reminder: Always be careful with fireworks. 4th of July is hard on kiddos, injury-wise. Each year hundreds of Americans are injured by fireworks.

CNN reports the following:
* Consumer Product Safety Commission put warning on fireworks out Friday
* 70 percent of fireworks accidents occur between June 20 and July 20, says CPSC
* Largest number of young people injured by fireworks are between 14 and 17

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday! Life is Good!


Walker said...

You always have to be careful when playing with fire.

Happy Independence Day

Girl Rants said...

smart kid. mint mama.