Saturday, August 30, 2008

What a Wonderful Day!

Today was another beautiful day, perfect weather to enjoy being outside. The outdoor art show is going really well. The jewelry I posted photos of was sold, along with about 30 other pieces I designed. I am returning to the show tomorrow with many new pieces I have assembled tonight based upon the top sellers from today. I am having so much fun creating shiny, sparkly, and, glittery beautiful items. It is such as awesome feeling seeing others take pleasure in wearing the art I create. Since this is not my "real" job, I benefit from the lack of stress and pressure associated with "work". Let's hope it always feels this good and is so much fun. Here's wishing you a shiny, sparkly, glossy, and glittery tomorrow!


Laura K said...

Hey I was here running around doing radio interviews and such...I must have missed you.


3 Magpies said...

Sorry I missed you! I'll be back in town for the Hunter's Moon Festival. Hope to see you there!