Monday, September 1, 2008

One More Time Around the Loop

Today was another awesome day. The weather was, again, absolutely flawlessly beautiful. It was the perfect day to drive with the top down and the tunes up. After sleeping in to about 8:00 am, I decided to take a long hot shower and get ready for an event. The long anticipated arrival of this once in a lifetime event was just minutes away... and no one knew.

My daughter and I left the house and headed toward LBL. The art festival was still in full swing, but attending to this was more important. As I drove south toward LBL, I was smiling with delight. I turned right onto Kentucky Lake Scenic Drive and informed my daughter that she would be taking the wheel for her first hands-on driving lesson. She squealed in delight as I pulled over to relinquish to her the driver's seat. After adjusting the seat, mirrors, CD player, and her hair... in that order (she does have her priorities right). She asked me what to do next. I showed her how to use the blinker and shift into drive. We were rolling. She made it around the loop, twice, without incident. She informed me that this was the best day... EVER! She was even seen driving by a couple boys on her cross country team! Life is beautiful!

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Girl Rants said...

ive decided you are amazing mom.
yeah thats it.