Thursday, September 4, 2008

No Shirt, No Problem?

My little one and I ate at Cracker Barrel yesterday in Calvert City. We both had chicken and dumplins. This is a treat for us since we usually eat at home. As we were finishing our meal, a couple arose from a nearby table and made their way toward our table on their way to the exit. Many restaurant patrons were staring at the couple and I suddenly sensed that the exiting couple were of some elevated status. As they drew nearer to our table, I recognized the man as being country music singer Marty Stewart. He was dressed in faded bib overalls and a black velvet sequin and rhinestone blazer, no shirt. His companion, a peroxide blonde female, whom I was later told was his wife, was completely dressed..including her shirt. Mr. Stewart politely addressed the dining room patrons in his soft baritone voice bidding all a good night then thanked the serving staff. What I found so interesting about this experience was the fact that this "celebrity" wore no shirt into Cracker Barrel. Is this a new country music style of which I am unaware? Is this appropriate dinner attire? Do good manners make up for poor fashion sense? I'm just wondering... I googled images of Marty Stewart and in every image I viewed (about 200 of the 159,000), he was wearing a shirt. I know Kentucky has a reputation as being hillbilly country, but please, for goodness sakes, when visiting Cracker Barrel, wear a shirt. Keep life beautiful!


tsduff said...

I like your magpies... and as for the sparklies and pretty jewelry, that's nice too. Funny post about Marty Stewart.

Jamie Dawn said...

Marty should wear a shirt for goodness sake!!!!!
I have lived in AR for three years now and I am well accustomed to hicks... I guess I ARE one now!
We hicks wear shirts in restaurants.
I scrolled down and saw your jewelry.
It is gorgeous!!!
You are talented!!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

3 Magpies said...

tsduff: I like your crow. Birds are cool and a little scary, doncha think? Thanks for stopping by Magpies.

jd: Your colorful crosses caught my eye. They are so unique.

You and I are proof that hicks have manners! LOL! Maybe it will catch on...