Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fan E-Mail

Now to answer all of the questions that have arisen from the last post:
(No names are being used to protect the guilty.)

Ahem... Yes, I get it. Fan e-mail is a pun. Clever? You decide.

No, I'm (not so) sorry to say that the aforementioned misadventure won't be played and replayed on You Tube.

Yes, the tree cutter guy from South Carolina was a hunka hunka, but he was hired via telephone sight unseen. We only met briefly in the bank parking lot when/where I paid him. And you are welcome for his number... Not that you sounded desperate OR ungrateful!

No, I will not show you my panties even though the neighbors saw them without even asking.

Yes, I am a little clumsy and yes, that was my second spill of the week and yes, I did blame both on the weather. NO, no one else felt the need to point that out. Thank you for doing so.

Yes, I do have a few battle scars. A flimsy little branch, much more pliable than most, managed to smack me in the mouth and bust my bottom lip. My knees, shins, and backside are covered in scratches and sadly, bruises. I did, however, manage to complete the clean up WITHOUT breaking a nail! That, people, is my true measure of SUCCESS!

If I failed to answer your question... Too bad! Unless you are brave enough to actually post it as a comment here rather than sending a chicken-like e-mail, don't bother asking.

Sticks and stones folks, sticks and stones...


Seraphine said...

there are no good stories without at least a swollen lip to back them up.
sorry you were hurt but i'm glad can laugh at it now.

Michael Manning said...

Hope you will laugh later too. I'm thinking that you will. YOU ROCK!:D)

3 Magpies said...

Sera: No worries. I'm not hurt, well, maybe a little hurt in the pride department... But, it's all good! BTW I lovelovelove your site! You are one talented chicko!

Michael: My friends, family, and coworkers have all been "gently" ribbing me. Like I can't take the heat! It's all tongue n cheek and it's someone else's turn next... Now why they can't leave their comments here... the world may never know. But I suspect I am in the midst of blog chickens. Thank goodness that doesn't apply to you! Thanks for stopping by!

Girl Rants said...

somehow i missed this however, (not but)
i cant stand blog chickens.


Girl Rants said...

i changed my blog address. whoot.