Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ShOtS for a Cure 2

Gunner's Magic Train Foundation

Over 20 appointments (which included 36 children and one dog) in just under 10 hours was like watching a magician wave the wand and poof! ta da! presto!... beauty, mischief, and kidness was captured for posterity. ShOtS for a Cure 2 was a great success. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to all those beautiful children and their awesome parents (and the cool lone doggy Maddy) for making this event so much fun.

The brainchild behind ShOtS for a Cure is New York photographer Dari McManus. She follows the path of childhood awareness. Her ShOtS for a Cure raises money to fund additional research in pediatric terminal illness. The benefactor for this ShOtS was Gunner's Magic Train Foundation. Gunner was a very special little boy whose life was cut short by DIPG. His legacy continues through Gunner's Magic Train Foundation set up by his parents, Gus and Janna Gillespie, to bring awareness, hope, and additional research dollars to find a cure for the disease that claimed the life of Gunner, who will be "Forever 8".

Stay tuned for additional information on the next ShOtS for a Cure.


Anonymous said...

one...two..three magpies..
what a good job done. we make QUITE a team.

im miss KY!

~your dari

3 Magpies said...

Hey Girlie!
I'm looking forward to the next team collaboration. Any ideas? We need to get on it asap! KY misses you, too!

Girl Rants said...

operation tresure hunt.oh and you know sunshine.