Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Break Road Trip 1st Stop Lady Liberty

Happily out of the car... and onto the ferry!

We rode on the ferry "Miss Liberty" but, met this ferry on our way.

In all her glory, she is breathtakingly beautiful. We were among the tired, poor and huddled masses who had gathered at her feet. We fit in perfectly!

New York City is beautiful and life is good!


Chef E said...

I take everyone there when they come to town, it still glorious to see each time...glad you guys had fun on the trip!

Girl Rants said...

this rocks.

3 Magpies said...

Chef E: If we lived just a little closer, I'd be taking everyone to see her, too! What a glorious sight!

DGirl: Go there, already!!!

Tina said...

i havent been on a ferry since a school trip 11 years ago lol. it all looks very beautiful

Walker said...

I got to see it one day.
You know me I got to check out all the chicks ;)