Monday, September 8, 2008

Dave Matthews Rocks (and so do his fans!)

My daughter and I recently attended a Dave Matthews concert in Louisville. It was her idea and we were both SOooooo excited about the concert. The show opener was Willie Nelson. It does not get any better than that! Or does it?!? We make it to Slugger Field in Louisville in record time. The traffic and the weather were on our side. Upon entering the arena, we were both tagged with a field wristband and ushered into the SRO area near the stage. Everyone was excited and happy.

The concert began with Willie and crew singing a couple of golden oldies. Did I mention this concert was attended by masses of college students... many of whom had obviously never heard of Willie Nelson... and were into drinking... and pot smoking... and being naked? Well, not entirely naked, but mostly naked. I know I mentioned that I took my daughter. The same daughter who had her first driving lesson a couple of weekends ago. This is not exactly what I had in mind for our mother/daughter outing, but what can you do but go with the flow. We did not drink, or smoke, or get naked, but we DID have an outstanding time.

The college kids were understanding to this teenager's mom and kind to the teenage daughter. They were respectful and polite. They blew their smoke in the opposite direction after we declined their offer to share, kept their empties to themselves after we declined their offer to share, and only exposed us to partial nudity (No mention of wanting me to share in this!). The kid next to me was mostly naked and mostly free of body hair. He reminded me of an Abercrombie and Fitch mannequin. You know mostly naked and hairless... His very loose fitting cargos only fell below the hips twice, that I noticed and I only saw his girlfriend's right breast, never her left ( but we did see, on more than one occasion, that she wore no bloomers).

The music was OUTSTANDING! I love, love, love Dave Matthews! I love, love, love Willie. I really love, love, love loud music and happy kids. I especially love, love, love to see my happy kid! The entire event was (almost) perfect.

DMB tickets ... $130

Concert Memorabilia ... $180

Making memories with my daughter ... priceless.

Concerts are loud and life is beautiful!


Michael Manning said...

3 Magpies: I have to add you to my Blogroll. Yes, Willie is a Fantastic Guitarist! When I last visited my friend, Singer/Songwriter Bud Buckley, I cranked up Willie's CD "Teatro" and it was incredible--very fluid. Dave has a very unique sound. I've only seen his videos in Bose stores at great length. He has put together a really fine band. FUN!!!:)

3 Magpies said...

Michael: Willie's newest album is awesome. It contains a wide range for all music lovers. My little one enjoys Pirate Bob and my older loves Grave Digger. I like them all, especially the first three. Check it out! Thanks for adding me. So honored!

KimberlyRies said...

That's pretty funny. I was at the same concert. We were sitting behind home plate in the "oldster" area. We were actually sitting while most of the other sections (well all of them) were standing and dancing. It was fun but I agree it was a college crowd for sure. I didn't think Willie got the attention/respect he deserved. No big screens for him, no fancy lights...I couldn't even see him where I was sitting.